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 Of David has been described as "...revolutionary, bigger than life, high energy, not your average rock band..."
Of David's sound will grab you with their songs about spiritual battles, self-conflict, and victory over the
challenges people face. Their music is well-rounded with an effective balance of musical aggression and melodic choruses.
For Of David, faith is truly believed and lived as it touches every area of life!
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Something Special
We would like to share the love and dedication of an amazing family.
Dawn Wanser and her husband Kevin have two amazing boys, Cody and Jacob. They have been dealt a hand in life that some would see as a horrible thing. They have taken what God has given them and turned it into an incredible blessing. Not only that, but they have created an amazing life for themselves and their boys. Their story is available at the following link.

"Journey Of A Cargiver" 
Please visit the site and take a look inside what it means to be a caregiver.
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